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"I’ll never not reblog this!"

Saaaaid the faggot.

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“This Goes Out To You Bitch Ass Motherfuckers,So If Ya Mom Aint Ready For Your Funearl Dont Fuck With me.”




joshdierickx replied to your post: “Some elitist Metal head guy is trying to ridicule me over an opinion…”:
I fucking hate elitist, particularly, in metal, especially, if they are against [hardcore] punk, or the artist in that genre in general. I have a simple tasks for them: then do not fucking listen to it, problem solved. These people do not think….

Exactly, they’re pretty stupid tbh, can’t think for themselves. They just spew the same bullshit as all the other elitists lol

Elitist? I luv dat band.

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Willy won’t stop playing with coat hangers
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I need this for willy
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Leavin you in the morning is the hardest part